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Please allow 48 hours for a reply to your application.

Cool Chicks Wear does its best to area protect each of its clients.  An approved application does not provide you with this protection. You will only be granted protection after you have successful placed and paid for your first purchase.  Protection may vary at the discretion of Cool Chicks Wear. 

Areas will only remain protected if you are a current buyer, meaning you have successfully placed and paid for an order from Cool Chicks Wear within the past 2 month.  Should your account become delinquent or should you fail to place a new order within that 2 month time frame, your protected area may be released and/or reassigned to another merchant.

WHOLESALE Pricing and Ordering Information:

A confirmation of your order and the area of protection will be sent to you upon the approval of your account.  You may request this information to be sent to you via email at anytime.  Pricing and minimums are subject to change without notice.






By purchasing products from Cool Chicks Wear you are agreeing to the following terms of the purchase:  The buyer will in no way duplicate, alter or disassemble the purchased products.  The products will be used for resale only in the venue given at the time of application.  Cool Chicks Wear has full discretion to terminate any merchant agreement, partnership, relationship or area protection for any reason, specifically including but not limited to breach of terms, delinquent payments or non-compliance.






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