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 Cool Chicks Wear...started when two crazy sisters Natalie Bobik and Kristi Monks (that would be us) decided to dress alike at all of the 2004 post season basketball tournament games for the Oklahoma State Cowboys. After each of the games people in the crowd began asking us what we were going to wear next. That got us thinking and the phrase "Cool Chicks Wear Orange" was born!! Hooray!

The newspaper article says it all:


OSU's new spirit icons have a simple March mission: fun
Sisters Natalie Bobik and Kristi Monks donned "Cool Chicks Wear Orange" for a very good reason.

"We're Cool Chicks and we wear orange." Said Bobik, wife of OSU guard Daniel Bobik.

How Cool?  Bobik and Monks have worked themselves into the already crowded class of OSU spirit icons.

When the Cowboys tournament journey began in Dallas three weeks ago, the sisters started dressing alike--with jerseys and shirts and caps and glasses--and dancing to the "William Tell Overture" during a second half timeout.

"You can't sit still during that song." Bobik said.

Monks, 20 and her mother have flown in from Utah each tournament week to support Daniel.

"We do everything together." Monks said.  "When we know one of us is having fun, the other wants to do it."

During the overture the sisters mimic riding and roping, and the Cowboy crowd has gone crazy in Dallas, Kansas City, and East Rutherford.

"We're crazy." Bobik said. "We're all about having fun.  That's what this is about, isn't it? Fun."